Chelsea Higgins

2019-20 Latham Fellow
Majoring in Biology (Genetics and Biotechnology)

Chelsea Higgins is in her fourth year, earning degrees in Genetics, Biotechnologies, and Music, and a certificate in Clinical and Translational Science. When coming to college, she thought she wanted to be a physician, but when she joined a research lab her first year, she knew her life had changed forever. She's actively researching with several groups, including The Iowa Division of the AIDS Quilt Touch Project, The Neiman Lab in Biology, and The Colgan Lab in Internal Medicine. Though the scope of these labs differ greatly, Chelsea's key interests, genetics and disease, are always met. Some day, she would like to combine these interests as an MD/PhD and run a research project dedicated to stopping mass viral outbreaks based on the virus's genome. In the mean time, she'll content herself with making science more enjoyable and accessible for people outside the field.


When she finds rare free time, Chelsea loves running with her dog, wood burning art, volunteering, and reading a good book. Recently, she's discovered a new love of service trips and will be going to Kenya to assist in HIV clinics outside Nairobi in January.