Timothy Nguyen

2018-19 Latham Fellow
Majoring in Biology (Genetics and Biotechnology)

Tim currently studies Genetics and Biotechnology with intention of receiving his B.S. in May 2019, and is interested in scientific engagement, education, and advocacy. He has been conducting research in Dr. Songhai Chen's laboratory in the Department of Pharmacology since 2016, where he aims to characterize novel tumor suppressors identified by an in vitro/in vivo CRISPR screen. These genes, whose downregulation show resistance to adjunct endocrine therapies such as tamoxifen, could potentially serve as effective biomarkers and therapeutic targets for early diagnosis and resistance prevention in breast cancer patients. Tim's future plans include pursuing a PhD in Molecular Biology, establishing a career in research, and eventually teaching at the collegiate level.

In his free time, Tim enjoys portrait photography, writing poetry, cooking with friends, reading scientific literature, traveling, and drinking matcha green tea.