Above the Microscope

What does it take to become a scientist? Is it true that some people just can’t succeed in STEM? And what do scientists do all day, anyway? Featuring interviews with educators, working scientists, and career counselors, Above the Microscope is a video series that will tackle these and other common questions from students curious about pursuing STEM. From college to career, this project aims to ultimately empower viewers with the knowledge required to succeed in STEM.

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Emma Sailor is a senior from Rolfe, Iowa, pursuing a major in biochemistry. She is currently an undergrad research assistant in the Baker Lab, where she has spent the past year helping to investigate the molecular biology of the genetic vision disease KCNV2-associated cone dystrophy with supernormal rod response (CDSRR). She also works as a teaching assistant in Human Biology (BIOL:1140), where she helps nonscience students acquire proficiency in basic biology lab skills. As a Latham fellow, she hopes to develop science outreach projects aimed at helping students from rural and disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds become involved with STEM. In her free time, she enjoys camping, video games, and bonding with her two cats.