The Art of Science

The Art of Science focuses on the truly beautiful and awe-inspiring nature of science. For the project, Evan curated and disseminated an array of images from scientific research to the public. The images were selected based upon vibrant and eye-catching designs as well as for the important and applicable information which they represented. The images came from a number of departments on campus, focusing on everything from disease-causing bacteria, genetic disorders, to innovative chemistry and astronomy. The pictures were printed onto large posters and displayed in libraries, campus buildings, hospitals and other locations in the Iowa City/Coralville and Cedar Rapids areas. Social media accounts were also created and published the images on a weekly basis to show-off the truly fascinating science being conducted on The University of Iowa campus.

Project Author(s): 
Author Bio(s): 
Evan is a sophomore undergraduate student in Microbiology and Human Physiology. He conducts research which models human genetic disorders in zebrafish as well as in communication and motility mechanisms between disease-causing bacteria. Evan's campaigns in Latham focused on showcasing the vibrant nature of science through eye-catching images as well as by working with outreach organizations to expose high school students to the wonders of scientific observation and experimentation. Evan aims to apply his knowledge from class curricula and his experiences in research labs to conduct medically relevant science through an MD/PhD program with an emphasis in microbiology, immunology, and infectious disease.