The Benefits of Urban Greenspace

My project will involve writing a long-form article that profiles Dr. Heather Sander’s research relating to urban greenspace and its benefits to human health and natural systems. I will also be creating a video, approximately 8-15 minutes in length, where I ride my bicycle throughout the University of Iowa campus and Iowa City community and provide an overview of my article. I will describe the benefits to urban greenspace, its relationship to various topics in sustainability, and the ways citizens can take advantage of green spaces. The article will incorporate informative and humanistic elements, and by weaving these concepts together, the article will be compelling and provide some useful and interesting knowledge to readers. The goals for the project are to publish the article in the Little Village newspaper and post the video to Stemosphere, University of Iowa communications outlets, and various social media platforms.

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Nick is a senior from Dubuque, IA pursuing a B.S. in Human Physiology and a Sustainability Certificate. He works with Dr. Heather Sander in the Department of Geographical and Sustainability Sciences. He is passionate about bringing public attention to environmental issues and sustainability in modern society. After graduation, Nick plans to pursue his MD.