Beyond the Lab Coat

To help broaden a child’s scope of what it means to be a scientist, I am creating a coloring and activity book. There will be sets of activities such as word searches and code unscramblers relating to fields of science that are more unique or not portrayed as much in children’s media such as oceanographers or geobiology/microbiology. The book will also feature different scientists in each field as hosts, portraying a wide array of backgrounds that one could find in the real world. I plan to distribute the book for free to local libraries and teachers to have in classrooms for more accessibility.

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Miranda is a junior majoring in microbiology with a minor in Korean Studies. She has been researching influenza and its binding capabilities in the Manicassamy lab. After obtaining a BS in microbiology, she plans to pursue a PhD in virology or astrobiology. In her free time, Miranda enjoys writing short stories, painting, growing plants, and listening to all types of music.