BrainLOQ: A Psychology Podcast

Living in the era of social media, you have most likely come across clickbait articles that boast groundbreaking scientific findings. Upon further research, however, it can be seen that the representation of these publications are generally warped when they hit platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Often, these articles oversimplify experimental processes and frame their findings in a way seem absolute or imply causality. As many people in the scientific community know, science is not as cut-and-dry as it is often presented. In fact, most research does not present a definite conclusion and must undergo extensive revision and replication to be supported. The goal of BrainLOQ is to address this issue by bridging the gap between the scientific community and society in order to provide an accurate representation of psychological research. 

In each episode, Hannah will explore the multi-faceted realm of psychological research, from cognitive to developmental to social psychology. Together with academics from the University of Iowa, she will provide in-depth explanations of a variety of experiments and discuss the applications of the data. Hannah hopes that the BrainLOQ series will allow the complexities of research to be better understood and that her audience will begin to think critically about the representation of science in the media. 

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Hannah Johnson, originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a senior majoring in Psychology and minoring in American Sign Language. She conducts research in Bob McMurray’s Mechanisms of Audio-visual Categorization Lab, where she investigates speech perception and word learning. After graduation, Hannah plans on furthering her education by attending a graduate program that combines cognitive psychology with scientific outreach.