Cartoon Neuroscience

For my personal project, I plan to use a comic book and a collection of comic strips to help people understand that neuroscience is not only fascinating, but also fun and accessible to everyone. The comic book will be aimed at an elementary school audience, and a collection of anthropomorphized brain cells will help explain to these young students how the brain functions on a microscopic scale. The comic strips will be aimed at an older audience, and they will accompany posts in my blog called “Thinking About Thinking”. These shorter comics will be lighthearted illustrations of the general concepts I discuss in these posts, and I will also use them to introduce a little humor into the articles themselves

Project Author(s): 
Author Bio(s): 
Anya is majoring in neurobiology and Spanish, and she conducts research in the lab of Professor Michael Dailey. For her current project she is studying how a specific type of brain cell, the microglia, react to stroke. Right now she is focusing on identifying a specific molecule that could potentially prevent microglial cell death during stroke.