Communicating Science with Art Through pH Painting

My project will be connecting science with visual art via pH drawing. PH paper drawing with different pH solutions that people used in their daily life not only can build art interest, but also help them to understand how they change the environment by applying simple acid and base chemistry. There are two part in my project. For the first project, we use the pH indicator paper to simulate a natural environment, such as ocean, soil or even human body, and draw on it with different pH solutions that provide varies color. For the other part of the project, we will show all of our paintings in local gallery that open to the public. My goal is to create a new way for people to connect with science by bonding science with art and bring excitement and interest for kid at young ages.

Project Author(s): 
Author Bio(s): 
Tianyi is a junior student studying environmental science in chemistry subtract. She has been working in Dr. Elizabeth A. Stone’s lab in Department of Chemistry since her second-year of college. Her research project is identifying air pollution sources from Nepal. She is interested in bringing public attention to current environmental issues and making influence. Her future plan is to pursue a Ph.D. in environmental science or environmental engineering. Besides doing research, Tianyi is trying to get the most out of her undergraduate experience by volunteering in variety events. She loves rock climbing and traveling in her free time.