Communicating Science Through a Children's Book

My project will consist of planning, illustrating, printing, and finally reading a children’s book about science. More specifically, the story will teach kids about gene therapy. Gene therapy can be hard to understand, but I aim to make it accessible and engaging with this storybook. The book will be aimed at mid-elementary age students since, although the book will make use of big and bold illustrations to move it forward, the subject matter is still complicated enough for, say, a third grader. I plan to consult with a number of references, including the Art department at the University of Iowa and my own research mentor, in order to ascertain what a good story consists of, what an age-appropriate storybook looks like, how to print, and how to distribute the final product. I will ask a variety of people to critique my drafts of the book so as to hopefully get feedback from a diverse group of people.

Project Author(s): 
Author Bio(s): 
Ioana is a third-year student studying neurobiology and French. She has been working in a lab at the Institute for Vision Research since the beginning of her undergraduate career, studying a genetic disorder called Juvenile X-Linked Retinoschisis. She hopes to pursue ophthalmology in the future. Apart from doing research, Ioana is trying to get the most out of her undergraduate experience by taking as many writing classes as she can fit into her schedule. She likes to read and paint in her spare time, and works as an optician on the weekends.