Creating and Developing Services for a Science Communication and Engagement Center

Creating a Proposal for the Latham Science Communication and Engagement Center

The goal is to complete a proposal directed towards the Board of Regents for developing a science communication and engagement center at the University of Iowa. This entails performing a thorough needs analysis through discussing the identity, functions, and structure of such a center with all the major groups on campus.

Developing Services and Resources to Pilot Aspects of a Science Communication and Engagement Center

The goal is to create a page of growing services for researchers (faculty, staff, and students) on campus, and advertise and pilot all services developed. The most notable service is the Latham Technical-to-General Translation Writing Service (URL: which seeks to convert technical writings (manuscripts, grants, invention disclosures, patent applications) to writings in the language of a general audience (mainly press-releases), as well as pictorial and multimedia representations  to supplement the writings. A project proposal submission service (URL: has also been developed to collect broader impact project ideas (related to grants) that future latham fellows and outreach groups on campus could implement.  

Project Author(s): 
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Kasra is a junior majoring in Biomedical Engineering and Biochemistry. His research interests involve the combination of basic research and engineering-based projects. Some of his current projects include developing software and related tools to understand the disease mechanism of several major cause of blindness, as well as developing accessible tools to screen for blindness.