Debunking Science Myths

Do people only use 10% of their brains? Do toilets really swirl in the opposite direction in the Southern Hemisphere? With my project, I hope to address myths like these and many more through hosting or cohosting radio segments on popular radio shows around Iowa. Each segment will have its own theme; for example, one recording session will feature neuroscience content, another physics. However, I will not stop at busting myths— I also hope to discuss relevant scientific news within the chosen topic to increase the general knowledge base of my audience. Of course it is my goal for my audience to walk away from my show having learned something new. Even more importantly, however, I want to foster a greater appreciation and stronger relationship between science and the public. 

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Michelle Krumm is a 3rd year student majoring in neuroscience with a minor in Spanish. She has worked for over a year for Dr. John Freeman studying the role of the cerebellum in learning and memory. Outside of school and lab, Michelle is an active member of the Iowa Biosciences Academy, an avid piano player, and loves to ride horses! After graduating, Michelle hopes to attend graduate school to earn her PhD in Neuroscience with the hopes of maybe running her own lab one day.