Did You Know: A Demystification of Research

Science research is often not accessible to the general public including politicians who fund grant giving federal organizations like the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health. The goal of Lance’s project was to provide specific examples that highlight how the continued push for defunding of science will have devastating consequences at the University of Iowa and on our society. Lance’s project showcases the work that is being done by federally-funded scientists at the University of Iowa across disciplines and demonstrates the impact that research conducted at the University of Iowa should continue being supported. 

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Lance is majoring in Biochemistry and Neurobiology with a minor in Chemistry and a certificate in Clinical and Translational Science. He does research in Dr. Andrew Pieper's lab in the psychiatry department. His work specifically involves studying Huntington's disease and working to find potential drug interventions to slow the progress of this degenerative disease. In his free time, Lance loves ballroom dancing and watching Grey's Anatomy.