Everyday STEM for Girl Scouts

We started the project with the idea of empowering women in science. Through our scientific outreach event, we hoped to motivate the girls to find more interest in STEM by exposing them to a diverse array of scientific fields, including engineering, physics, biology, and chemistry. Also, by delivering the specific messages from our designed hands-on activities, we hoped all the Girl Scouts can walk out with a greater appreciation of how science affects their daily lives. Most importantly, we hope the project strengthens the belief that they are valuable, powerful, and deserving of every chance and opportunity to pursue and achieve their own dreams in any STEM field.

We proposed a scientific outreach event that combines all of our individual scientific interests into one STEM themed event night. The event was hosted at the Iowa City Public Library for the young girls who participate in Girls Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois. We envisioned this event serving as an opportunity for these girls to explore STEM in a hands-on way by working through four different activities together. With the help of the troop leaders and the Girl Scouts of America administration, we hoped to inspire these children to learn more about science and how it affects their daily lives.