Expanding the Horizons of Stem-o-sphere Social Media

My project involves maintaining and improving the existing Stem-O-Sphere social media pages on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  The focus will be on growing public engagement, connecting with other institutions, and distributing science information that is both accurate and captivating.  With a target audience of young adults, the overall aim is that followers not only process the information, but that they also share the content for their own followers to see.  Content presented on the Stem-O-Sphere pages will include Latham Fellow spotlights, updates on current campus research, promotion of science-focused events, and original infographics based on hot-topic misleading statements made by prominent figures.  These infographics, posted once a month, will provide a science-based refutation of the incorrect claim by employing visuals, tapping into the research of regarded organizations, and framing the science in a way that is easily understood.

Project Author(s):