Flowers for Change: A Sustainable Approach to Planting

Flowers for Change: A Sustainable Approach to Planting is a collaborative effort to educate and raise awareness about the sustainable benefits of Iowa’s native prairie. Secondly, the project aims to tackle sustainable planting strategies by distributing packets containing seeds of a small sample of Iowa’s native prairie flowers. Our group is working directly with the Iowa City Public Library (ICPL), who have been generously helped our group with seed distribution, content creation, and promotion. Our project involves two dates of seed distribution, with one of those days conveniently falling on Earth day! As a group, we want to highlight the incredible benefits of planting native prairie plants, such as an improvement in soil quality, water management, and an increase in pollinators. In attempt to raise awareness about environmental sustainability, our group hopes that individuals in the Iowa City area can learn about the many benefits of Iowa’s native prairie plants while also being able plant their own flowers. For more info and planting instructions:

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