Getting Involved in Biological Research

Getting involved in research can be a daunting process, especially if you are a first- or second-year undergraduate student. Hannah’s project tries to make the process easier by focusing on what undergraduate research assistants do in different biology laboratories. This feat is completed by updating a web page found the biology department’s web page with pictures and testimonials of undergraduates currently working in seven different research laboratories. The hopes of this project is to make it easier for undergraduates to find research that makes their passion and get involved in research before their third year.

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Hannah is currently a senior majoring in biology with an emphasis in plant biology and a minor in Spanish. She is originally from Iowa City, IA and in the summer of 2014 started working as an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Craig Just’s environmental engineering research lab. During her time with the lab, she helped with many different projects and recently worked with soil bacteria that degrade DNAN, a low sensitivity explosive that is currently being used by the military instead of traditional TNT. After graduation, Hannah plans to get a master’s degree or a doctorate in applied biostatistics.