Getting to Know UI Biology's Distinguished Emeritus Faculty

I have always found uncovering other people's stories of their past to be a tantalizing and engaging activity. This is the exact reason for why I wish to pursue learning about other people's back story for this project, namely people who have a considerable amount of experience in the field of biology. This project hopes to elucidate some of this history through interviews with several of the Professor Emeritus faculty here at the University of Iowa and to construct profile stories for each person interviewed. These profile stories will contain information about the persons past experience in the field of biology as well as strategies students could use to improve upon their learning of the subject, since basic biology courses are understandably challenging. There will also be an event following the blog posts held to allow students to meet face-to-face with some of the Emeritus faculty.

Project Author(s): 
Author Bio(s): 
Tyler is a senior pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biology with Chemistry and German as minors. His work in Dr. Anna Malkova’s laboratory elucidating the mechanisms by which break-induced replication proceeds in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Specifically, he wants to determine how BIR progression is affected when the repair machinery encounters an inverted repeat. Some outside interests include running, working out, playing soccer, and volunteering at the VA medical center and UIHC. Tyler loves to read research papers on my spare time and read books popularizing science. Future plans are still split between two degrees to aspire towards: PhD or MD. With either choice, he wants to be markedly involved with improving the conditions in both fields and offering the best of his abilities to benefit the posterity of scientists.