Illustrated Books as an Introduction to Human Physiology: ‘THE AMAZING HEART’

The purpose of this project is to create an illustrated book to help students (grades 3-6) learn about the heart in a fun and approachable way. This book is special because it will emphasize visual learning with cute characters and clear diagrams that are not only engaging for a general audience but also intended to make the book accessible to English Language Learning students. This book will be made in collaboration with mentors from the Human Physiology and Elementary Education Departments at the University of Iowa. The project will lead up to an event at a local elementary school where the book and its corresponding activities will be presented. Physical copies of the book will be distributed to local elementary schools and libraries. The book will be available on Amazon or as a free PDF on “Stemosphere“. Hopefully, this book will spark students’ interest in how their own body works. 

Project Author(s): 
Author Bio(s): 
Samalya Thenuwara is a Sri Lankan-born Iowan in her Senior year as a Presidential Scholar majoring in Human Physiology. She is the President of the Dean’s Student Advisory Committee and the Co-Founder of the Honors Program’s Diversity Advisory Board. Through both of these programs, her goal is to lift student voices. She has been an ICRU Fellow and a Stanley International Travel Awardee. Her research focuses on newspaper content analysis of health-related issues. Outside of campus, she is a proud Board Member and the Treasurer of the Emma Goldman Clinic as well as a Student Anesthesia Technician at the UIHC. In her free time, she sews dresses and is currently attempting to learn aari embroidery techniques.