Increasing Health Literacy through Multilingual Resources

A series of flyers and videos in English, French, Arabic, Swahili, and Spanish will be created to increase health literacy for women refugee and immigrant populations within the Johnson County area. The resources will provide information for pre-natal care and preventative services for common chronic women’s health issues such as breast/cervical cancer. The University of Iowa OB/GYN and Public Health departments, the UIHC Mobile Clinic and Interpretation services, IC Compassion, and the Congolese Health Partnership will provide vital roles in creating the multilingual and multimodal health resources. Once finished, the resources will be submitted on easily accessible platforms such as community home pages, Facebook, and YouTube as well as additional partner websites. The resources are intended to provide information to refugee and immigrant women to improve health literacy and access, as well as reduce women’s health disparities and misinformation within those populations.

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Lanchi is a sophomore from Des Moines, Iowa pursing a Biochemistry (BS) and a minor in psychology on the pre-medicine track. She is currently working as an undergraduate research assistant for the Anesthesiology department in the Hammond lab, studying the effects of nicotinamide riboside on chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy. She is a volunteer at UIHC and the IC Animal Center and is also a part of Medicus, the Iowa Snowboard and Ski club, and the Waterski and Wakeboard team. She enjoys swimming, reading, eating bacon, playing music, and painting in her free time.