Interactive Children's Book

The purpose of my project is to create an interactive children’s book (whereas prompts on each page allow them to create their own story line), aimed at exploring the current pollution and environmental crises. My target audience is children, ages eight and up, who at that point will have enough foundational knowledge to understand and adopt the concepts of the book into their own daily lives of the future. I want the story lines to create emotion within the kids, allowing them to see exactly how their actions may impact the world around them, for better or worse. To help me create an articulate and age-appropriate storyline, I will be in contact with several University of Iowa professors and personnel, namely from the English and graphic design departments. I will be delivering the final product of this book at the Iowa City Public Library, reading aloud and allowing anyone in attendance to participate. Additionally, I will be making the book available online through Amazon publishing, so that it has an opportunity to have a broader impact, able to reach anyone online. Through this book, I want children to garner interest in the natural world and sciences, acknowledge that their actions can have consequences in terms of the health of our planet, and foster prolonged curiosity toward turning thought into action.

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