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When shopping for household items, such as sunscreen, laundry detergent, or multipurpose cleaners, being environmentally conscious is challenging when there are hundreds of items to choose from. Even if one knows where to look for the “clean” and “nontoxic” products, toxic compounds and chemicals often hide behind the fresh, flowery labels and false promises of “sustainability efforts.” This is called greenwashing, which allows companies to hide behind an image of environmental responsibility. While sustainable consumerism has increased over the past decade, greenwashing has risen along with it, which makes true sustainable consumerism difficult to achieve. Through writing easy-to-read blog posts, providing research on toxic compounds, and encouraging readers to consider human and environmental health when making purchases, my goal with my project is to make being environmentally conscious less daunting. I will not only provide readers with information on toxic household items and safer alternatives, but also encourage sustainable consumerism. 

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Ashton Knatz is a junior majoring in Environmental Sciences (B.S. Biosciences Track) with a minor in Chemistry and a certificate in Sustainability. Her interests as a Latham Fellow lie in sustainability and the environment, and she hopes to increase awareness of sustainable practices and lifestyles with her projects. She enjoys reading, playing the piano, and writing in her free time.