Mosaic of Cancer

The Mosaic of Cancer is a collection of images submitted by medical specialists, researchers, patients and loved ones on the prompt “what is cancer?” The goal of the project is to bring understanding and community to all those affected by cancer. Using pictures to explain the same idea in many ways has created one large “Mosaic” that aims to illustrate the many aspects of cancer. The pictures submitted have been printed on stained-glass inspired posters, and are to be presented and shared around the University of Iowa and online throughout the semester.

Project Author(s): 
Author Bio(s): 
Sarah Mullen, of Omaha, Nebraska, is a junior Microbiology major on a pre-medical track. Since coming to Iowa, she has gotten involved in undergraduate cancer research, worked at the UI Hospitals and Clinics for a summer, and been an active member of Gamma Phi Beta sorority. Her particular interest in cancer and cancer studies stems from personal experience, and she has used her cancer research background to create a science outreach project titled “Mosaic of Cancer.” Sarah also volunteers with 3-6th grade girls as part of Girls on the Run program, and she hopes to continue to work with kids in her future career. Sarah’s goals include going to medical school, living in a big city for a few years, and possibly writing a novel someday.