The goal of Neurochet is to allow the general public to interact with current neuroscience research through crochet. Pieces will be crocheted based on photos, illustrations, or diagrams based on graduate student work, and patterns are uploaded onto the Stem-O-Sphere blog run by Latham Science Engagement Fellows. Included with the patterns are videos of the graduate students explaining their projects and images. Projects are intended to be useful for daily life and will include such items as bags, scarves, hats, and coasters; they are also intended to be interesting to look at, pieces that will inspire conversation between the makers and those who see their final pieces.

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A junior majoring in Neuroscience, Rikki has wanted to be involved in research since she was in middle school, and the work is as engaging and fulfilling as she could have hoped. Currently, she has the privilege to work in Dr. Mark Blumberg’s laboratory in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences where she is studying the primary somatosensory cortex (the part of the brain that processes touch) in wild type and 16p11.2 del/+ mouse model of autism mice. She aspires to be a professor of neuroscience and hopes to bud a love of science in everyone she meets.