Night of Science Trivia

While many students may be exposed to physics as a general requirement in the college of liberal arts and sciences, they may not find the subject inviting or approachable. Similarly, students who are majoring in physics tend to be secluded to their own population of physic student since they don't have to take classes in biology or chemistry. This creates a divide in the science community, and it starts early on in university academia. This makes it harder for scientists and the general population alike to find connections between sciences.

The Night of Science Trivia is an event for student to create a positive environment and outlook on hard sciences, such as physics, via an engaging and fun atmosphere. The goal of the event is to promote self-efficacy in science and cross-disciplinary interaction and discussion among science-minded people. Teams of 2-5 people will compete in a trivia show-styled game answering questions in the categories of physics, astronomy, biology, chemistry, history, and pop culture. The range of topics is meant to encourage people for many disciplines to team up and also provides conversation on the connection between these subjects.

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Dani Lipman is a third year physics and astronomy undergraduate at the University of Iowa. She is a writing tutor and fellow, undergraduate researcher, as well as the President of the Society of Physics Students. Her focus on scientific engagement is rooted in getting scientifically oriented individuals to engage with each other and become excited about their own work, and encouraging them to share that work in various ways with the public. Dani is also an avid musician, creative writer, and home cook and enjoys incorporating all of her hobbies into her scientific fields.