This or That? A book about decision making

For my individual project, I have decided to put together a children's book about decision making. Every day humans are faced with a series of decisions- from anything as simple as what's for breakfast, all the way to do I apply for this job or not? Decision making is a skill that we build on as we grow and develop, so it is a skill that begins within the first couple years of life. But to nurture and properly guide the development of the skill that is decision making, access to reliable resources such as adults to look up to or education institutions are essential. However, many children in our population do not have these resources; one-third of the US's children live in poverty. With poverty comes the unfortunate deprivation of several critical factors that are essential for proper development and nurturing of a child. This children's book I have put together consists of a few different scenarios that require school aged children to make choices. A couple of the decision-making-topics include choosing the healthier snack, deciding how to deal with negative emotions and more. The goal of the story line is not only to illuminate which choice is better but why said choice is better. The book is targeted towards underprivileged and under-represented children and I have paid particular attention to make sure the characters in the book represent my target population. My hope is that this children's book will serve as resource to children. Though this children's book does not close the gap that is present between children with and without opportunity and resources, I hope that it will at least provide some common ground. 

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Sreelekha is a third-year student from Des Moines, Iowa studying microbiology and minoring in sociology. She has been working in Dr. Hanna Stevens' psychiatry lab since her freshman year. Her studies entail understanding the impact of various forms of maternal stress on the neurodevelopment of offspring. In her free time, Sreelekha enjoys exploring parks, playing her violin, and spending time with friends and family.