Philosophy of Science: Merging Science and the Humanities

My project seeks to extend the reach of Darwin Day, an event that embodies the most important tenets of scientific engagement, to humanities majors on campus who might have limited, or very general knowledge of evolutionary biology and scientific inquiry. This will be done by creating a brochure explaining the philosophical origins, historical context, reactions of other philosophers and of course the fundamental ideas of Darwin’s theories. The purpose of this brochure is to advertise for and supplement the Darwin Day events, where the brochure will be distributed to the audience. Before and after the event, I will meet with small focus groups of 6-7 humanities majors to monitor their level of interest and understanding of evolutionary biology and science. I will also speak to classes and clubs and create an online version of my brochure to maximize its distribution. My goal is to increase the level of engagement amongst humanities majors with incredible outreach events like Darwin Day, and to show that scientific thought is meaningful in a comparable way to literature and philosophy.

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