Precision Health U

Precision Health U was established to make science less scary in order to encourage individuals to consider participation in genomic research and start a discussion about personalized medicine. The Twitter outreach and community engagement aspects of Mason’s project both seek to discuss concerns of privacy, the power of these tests, and what the results will mean for the exciting future of healthcare. By sharing scientific news on Twitter in a simplified, tempered manner, Precision Health U is spreading safe, useful information to the public in a new kind of public health initiative.

Project Author(s): 
Author Bio(s): 
Mason is a second year Interdepartmental Studies major. He conducts research in the lab of Dr. John Manak, and he is also a part of the Personal Genome Learning Center with Dr. Bryant McAllister. Mason has an interest in studying cleft lip and palate genetic disorders through the Manak lab. His work through the Personal Genome Learning Center involves holding community outreach events to explain genetic science. After graduation, Mason plans to pursue an M.D./MPH.