Public Health Works: Understanding and communicating science through epidemic simulation

This project is a collaboration with Upward Bound and mainly consists of a well-designed epidemic simulation activity followed by my personal sharing on what led me to decide to have such an interesting set of major/minor/certificate studies at the University of Iowa as a first-generation college student and my future career goals. In this activity, students will work individually to gain a better understanding of epidemiology. Students’ curiosity will be piqued as they document the exchange partners in order to trace the infection and discover the original host. The project also highlights a unique opportunity for students to attend a poster session and panel discussion led by some undergraduate STEM researchers. Additionally, students will have greater insights of research work happening on campus by having a lab tour at the Department of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics in the Carver College of Medicine. My hope for my individual project is to provide an opportunity for local first-generation high school students to explore health science, especially public health, and connect them with UI STEM academia. 




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Jack is a Junior from Lanzhou, China. He is currently pursuing B.A. in Biochemistry, B.A. in Ethics & Public Policy, Minor in Chemistry, Minor in Gender, Health and Health Care Equity, as well as a Public Health Certificate at the University of Iowa. After graduation, he plans on pursuing a Master's degree in Public Health, focusing on epidemiology. He is passionate about advocating human rights and health equity, because he strongly believes that health care must be a basic human right, not a privilege. Through the Latham program, he hopes to improve science communication skills to a diverse audience, and promote a more engaging, friendly and constructive relationship among science community, the public and policy makers though science outreach project.