My project is to write a series of journal articles that showcase the work of undergraduate researchers and their mentors at the University of Iowa. Articles will be around 1000 words in length and published on the Stem-o-sphere website and promoted primarily towards first and second-year undergraduates. My aim is to share the work that undergraduates do on campus by highlighting the work of a lab from an undergraduate’s perspective and the Principal Investigator’s perspective. I will conduct interviews with various Principal Investigators and undergraduates students in the Departments of Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Health and Human Physiology. While I will be promoting my project primarily to undergraduates, articles will be appropriate for the general public as well. In all, I hope to make research seem less daunting and educate others how, even as an undergraduate, they can be a vital part of a research team.

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Brianna is a junior with majors in Neurobiology and Biochemistry and a minor in Spanish on the pre-medicine track. In the Musselman Lab, Brianna does research on histone post-translational modifications and their DNA binding properties. When not in class or in the lab, Brianna enjoys running, knitting, spending time outdoors, and baking. After completing her undergraduate studies, she hopes to attend medical school while ultimately staying active in research.