Reducing Health Disparities through Undergraduate Volunteerism

My project is focused on two separate goals. The first is to bring pre-medical students back to the realization of the critical importance of volunteerism, rather than it simply being something to mark off on a check list. Secondly, I hope to be able to reduce health disparities within the Iowa City community by educating pre-medical students about local organizations that work with underprivileged populations and need our help. I am creating a panel to be hosted over Zoom with a variety of healthcare professionals, physicians, and community leaders than can speak about our own issues with health disparities, provide resources for pre-medical students to engage with, and lastly showcase the lasting impact that volunteerism can have on a community. 

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Bri is a junior studying biology on the neurobiology track with a minor in chemistry and a certificate in public health. She has been involved in Dr. Joshua Weiner's lab since the beginning of her sophomore year and works closely with PhD candidate Stacey Peek in studying Akrin2's, a nuclear protein, role in neurodegeneration in post-mitotic neurons. Bri thoroughly enjoys buying succulents, planning vacations for when she is a "grown-up", and reading a little bit of everything! She hopes to become a physician one day and educate others about health disparities within the field.