Showcasing the Importance of Pathogens Through Images

This project will entail creating pictorial representations of viruses and bacteria that cause human disease. Pathogens such as these infect everyone, and therefore, they are easy to relate to and perfect for science outreach (“American Society for Microbiology”). As per feedback provided, I will aim to do around 8 pathogens/diseases. Additionally, this project will aim to connect research labs on the health sciences campus with specific pathogens being represented in the pictures, as talked about with Dr. Adams. After creating the posters, with generalized captions for the audience to understand, they will be presented at the Mini Medical School and the Spring Undergraduate Research Festival (SURF) held by ICRU. These talks will enable people to understand the importance of these microbes and the reasoning behind their pathology.

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Pooja is a fourth-year student from Dubuque, Iowa pursuing a B.S. in Biomedical Sciences on the pre-medicine track. She is currently working in Dr. Sarit Smolikove’s lab in the Biology Department, and she plans on graduating with Honors in her major upon the completion of her thesis. Her current studies entail double-stranded DNA breaks in meiotic cycles and the specific mechanisms/machinery required to repair those breaks. In addition to research, she volunteers at UI Hospitals and Clinics, volunteers for the UI Mobile Clinic, and works as a Resident Assistant at Hillcrest Residence Hall.