Space Rocks! A Peek into the University of Iowa Meteorite Collection

Ever wanted to learn what a meteorite is, and see one up close?! Utilizing the University of Iowa's meteorite collections, amassed over the past century, undergraduate researcher Zachary Luppen will give a presentation on these space rocks using several examples from both local counties and other places around the world. This will include the university's largest specimen, the 110-pound Tilden meteorite. The audience will be allowed to come up to the front to see the meteorites afterwards. Following the talk, the audience is then invited to venture up to the roof of Van Allen Hall to see the Van Allen Observatory and attend a public clear skies event put on by the Society of Physics Students (weather permitting). This talk is part of Zach Luppen's Latham Fellows Final Project.

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Zachary Luppen is a third-year undergraduate in astronomy and physics with a certificate in museum studies. His current research focuses on working with the University of Iowa Plasma-Waves Group to design and fabricate a subsurface radar instrument for the Europa Clipper Spacecraft and JUICE spacecraft. Zachary hopes to continue working on spacecraft after graduating, possibly working at NASA or SpaceX. In his spare time, he likes to build model rockets, read classic literature and listen to the Beatles.