Stem-O-Sphere: Creating an Immersive Blogging Experience

Blogs are an inexpensive way to convey an individual’s thoughts and experiences to the public. However, with the traditional blog, most of the experiences are presented in written form. Some experiences can have bigger impacts, if it can be seen rather than read. The aim of Steven’s project was to create a more in-depth and detailed blogging experience for the viewer through the use of video blogs, also known as vlogs. Additionally, Steven created a virtual-reality video that simulates the laboratory experience.  Through the use of virtual-reality videos, an experience can be captured in great detail and thus creating an immersive blogging experience for the viewer.

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Steve is a junior undergraduate, pursuing a B.S in Human Physiology and Biochemistry. He is currently working in the Fuentes Lab. His current project focuses on characterizing the ligand-binding profile of a chemo-receptor in S. aureus through the use of thermofluorimetry. After graduation, he plans to apply to MD programs and pursue a career in medicine.