Stem-O-Sphere: Science In Society

My ultimate goal is increase community exposure to current scientific achievements, as well as highlight local scientists and my classmates. To do this, I will contribute four blog posts detailing current science with a large impact on our daily lives. The website’s location for current projects will be updated as well, making it easy to see current Latham Fellows. Additionally, a new tab will be added for the distinct purpose of highlighting researchers at the University of Iowa. By having interesting content, from discussing groundbreaking research to work done by undergraduates, as well as a dynamic marketing approach through social media led by coordinator, Tim Nguyen, public engagement with science will increase, helping to demystify science.

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Michael is a junior from Urbandale, Iowa pursuing a degree in Human Physiology, with a certificate in Entrepreneurial Management and minors in Chemistry and Microbiology. He currently works in the Dr. E. Dale Abel Laboratory, and is involved with research of mitochondrial stress and its relation to diet-induced diabetes and obesity. He plans to attend medical school after completing undergrad. In his free time, he enjoys reading, writing and rock climbing.