The Stories of Science: Iowa City and Beyond

Elise worked with the Daily Iowan as their Science Correspondent. For the wide, general Iowa City audience, Elise wrote about national science news and science research in a localized way. Elise interviewed University scientific professionals and researchers about current scientific discoveries and the ways their own research has contributed to the wider, complex dialogues of science. Through her project, Elise hopes to communicate science to a wide audience, while simultaneously highlighting the amazing scientific work and research being done on campus. In addition, Elise’s project aimed to humanize science by focusing on the local individuals taking part in exciting inquiries and discoveries. 

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Elise is a senior majoring in English and conducting research with Matthew Gilchrist through the Rhetoric Department. For that research she is looking at the ways art house cinema and independent theaters create community and the ways that interaction enriches and complicates experiences with film. Elise is also a Writing Tutor and a Writing Fellow through the University's Writing Center. The Latham Fellows Program has allowed her to pursue her passion for research advocacy and given her the opportunity to speak widely about the importance of widely accessible science communication. Elise would love to eventually work as a public affairs specialist for underfunded STEM programs, particularly in areas of Physics and Astronomy. She also hopes to eventually pursue a PhD in English and a Masters in Library and Information Science.