The Story of Your Immune System: An Illustrated Narrative

“The Story of Your Immune System” will be an illustrated book following the development of a T cell (a type of immune cell) following an infection. The goal is to introduce kids- about 8-10- years old- to the immunological side of illness- starting with an infection, to individual immune cells responding, to systemic effects. This will be accomplished with a narrative storyline that follows a single cell and its ‘adventures’ through the body as it recruits other immune cells and secretes various communication molecules. A live reading at the library will be a chance to engage with the target audience and use their feedback to make improvements to the story. This improved second edition of the book will then be shared at donor events to demonstrate attempts to make the book even more suited to the audience and show my growth as a science communicator.

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Alex is a third-year student pursuing a microbiology major and writing certificate. She does research in the Microbiology & Immunology department in Dr. Noah Butler’s lab. She is excited to combine her disciplines and learn strategies for communicating global health issues and infectious disease awareness with the public.