What does research at UIowa look like?

My project, “A Day in the Life of a Scientist,” aims to educate students considering a STEM career on the various aspects of working as a scientist. Specifically, the goal is to expose students that may be underrepresented in STEM or students that have not been educated on what a career as a scientist involves. The project is a video that focuses on various labs around the University of Iowa and the work being done in those labs. The video consists of short interviews and conversations with scientists in a couple of different fields. Hopefully, after watching the video, students will have a much clearer idea of what a career in STEM can mean for them.

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Nick Schany is a sophomore from Emmetsburg, Iowa pursuing a major in Biochemistry. In the past, Nick has worked in Dr. Scott Shaw's lab studying the properties and quantity of microplastics in the Iowa River. After obtaining a BS in Biochemistry, Nick plans to continue his education in a currently undecided science related field. In his free time, Nick enjoys farming, boating, and gardening.